Sample Independent Contractor Agreement: Ready to Customize for Your Own Use

Benefits: This model independent contractor agreement is designed to help you draft a custom agreement that reflects your needs and situation. It includes all the essential elements of an independent contractor agreement, including a clear specification of the independent contractor relationship. If your worker is classified as an "employee," rather than an "independent contractor," you will be held liable for extra taxes, recordkeeping, and safety requirements. A contract can prevent this from happening by showing the validity of the independent contractor relationship.

Keep in mind that this document is a starting point, not a finished product. You need to make sure that the agreement reflects the relationship between your business and the independent contractor. Consult the laws of your state regarding requirements affecting independent contractor arrangements.


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Special Features: The attached file contains a five-page draft independent contractor agreement that contains clearly labeled sections on the following areas of an independent contractor agreement:

It also includes a sample appendix that can be used to spell out, in further and specific detail, the duties, term, and compensation.