Sample Interview Script: What to Ask and What to Tell an Applicant

This script was developed from Dr. William S. Swan, Interview Guide; Mary Rudder and Dale P. King, "Interviewing and the ADA: How Do You Get Beyond Strengths and Weaknesses," Americans with Disabilities Act Forum on the Progress of Implementation, Washington, D.C., January 25, 1993. These guidelines apply to all interviews. You can use — or eliminate — any of these questions, but be careful about adding any that aren't business related.

After you have selected the applicants you wish to meet with, it pays to plan out the interview in advance. Having a fixed agenda, knowing what questions you will ask, and what information you will provide, can speed the process and reduce the time you have to spend with each candidate. It also goes a long way in providing uniform information regarding the job applicants.

The attached file contains a sample interview script that you can easily adapt for your own business. Note that the interview process is divided into two parts. In the first part, the information gathering stage, you obtain information about the applicant. In the second stage, you let the applicant know about the job and your business. Following this two-part approach can save even more time. When it is clear, following the first part of the interview, that the applicant is not suitable, there is no need to proceed to the second part.


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