Employee Discipline: 10 Steps to Effective Feedback on Job Performance

Many business owners find it difficult to provide feedback to an employee who isn't performing quite as well as expected. It is frequently difficult to stay focused on providing constructive criticism that, hopefully, will lead the employee to improve. There might be a temptation to avoid putting yourself in a potentially confrontational situation. But face it, a poor employee isn't going to get better unless he or she is made aware that there is a need to improve. By concentrating on the desired results rather than the employee's perceived shortcomings, you can improve the chances of a positive outcome.

The attached file outlines the 10-step process to use when giving feedback to an employee about how he or she can improve their on-the-job performance. The emphasis is on coaching the employee to do better. Knowing what you intend to cover in a face-to-face meeting, and sticking to the agenda, is much easier if you have planned in advance.


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