Drug Testing Policies: Choose the One That Suits Your Business Situation

Benefits: In some small businesses, the work that is being done is high risk or dangerous enough to warrant drug testing, either at the time of hire, during employment, or both. If your business falls into the category of those that drug tests employees, you should have a written policy that explains how drug testing works and what employees can expect. Some businesses, however, don't need to drug test employees. Nevertheless, you may still want to have a statement to give to employees that addresses your policy on drug use, coming to work under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, and the use of prescription drugs in the workplace.

Whichever your philosophy/business need is, we have a customizable policy for you to use to communicate your stance and your rules to employees: one for employers who do drug test and one for those who don't.


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Special Features: The drug testing documents include the following special features: