Hazard Communication Program Package:
Model Program and Basic MSDS Form for Complying with OSHA Rules

Benefits: If workers may be exposed to hazardous materials in your workplace, you are required by OSHA to have a written hazard communication program. The program must include not only a list of hazardous chemicals known to be present in the workplace, but also a completed material safety data sheet (MSDS) for every chemical on the list. It must also spell out the method you will use to inform employees of the hazards associated with chemicals and the procedures to be followed with respect to labeling chemicals, updating material safety data sheets, and training employees. The attached file contains two documents designed to help you comply with the requirements. The first is a model written hazard communication program that you can use or modify to build your own program for your workplace. The second is OSHA Form 174, the basic, non-mandatory format developed by OSHA for completing the required MSDS for each hazardous substance on your company's list.


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Special Features: Included are the following:

Model Workplace Safety Policy:

OSHA Form 174, Material Safety Data Sheet, OSHA Non-Mandatory Form: