OSHA Form 200 — Injury and Illness Log:
Aid for Complying with OSHA Posting Rules

Every employer who is subject to OSHA and has more than 10 employees is required to maintain records relating to employee injuries and illness. This illness and injury log may be kept on a form developed by OSHA, known as Form 200 or the 200 log. Although the records are generally not filed with OSHA, they must be maintained at the worksite for a five-year period and made available to employees and OSHA inspectors.

The information contained in the 200 log includes a record of each illness or injury, a summary of the prior year's experience, and a recap that must be posted in the workplace for the entire month of February. While the use of Form 200 is not mandatory, posting the information contained in the form is. Thus, posting the information contained in the 200 log is necessary even if there were no employee injuries or illnesses within the last year.


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