Termination Checklist and Form

Benefits: The decision to dismiss an employee, for whatever reason, can frequently be a difficult and uncomfortable one. And there are always some risks-for example, the employee could sue you for unlawful discharge. Generally speaking, you can significantly reduce this risk if you can show that you fired an employee for proper business reasons and that you acted in good faith during the termination process. The attached file contains two documents designed to ease the task of terminating an employee and help manage some of the risks. The first is a termination meeting script, which will help you say and do the "right" things at the termination meeting. The second is an exit interview form. By presenting the departing employee with this opportunity to comment, you not only give yourself a good chance of gaining valuable information but also make the process less painful for the employee and possibly less risky for you.


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Special Features: The employee termination documents include the following special features:

Employee Exit Interview Form